Envy Gen 2 Nano Needles ( Box of 10 )

Envy Gen 2 Nano cartridge needles. (10 per Box ) These sleek cartridges  are available in #5 and #7 (#5 is .18mm and #7 is .23mm)   The Nano cartridges are specially designed for face esthetics or scalp micropigmentation. and provide the same high standard quality as all of our Envy cartridges.

The Nano PMU cartridges offer a sleeker, lighter design and the industry's first finger ledge; providing a level of comfort and control never-before seen in a needle cartridge. Of course, the Nano cartridges are compatible with a number of machines like the XionS, and machines by quality companies like Cheyenne, Bishop and FK Irons and Microbeau. 

Finer Detail
Engineered & optimized to exceed the quality standard of the facial esthetics industry, the Nano cartridge needles empower artists to create fine lines and realistic hair strokes.

Quality Process
Envy has the highest standard QC process in the industry. Each needle must undergo a thorough 30 point inspection process before it can earn the Envy name

Cartridge Finger Ledge
A unique and industry-first feature, the cartridge finger ledge gives you the perfect place to rest your finger while working