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Welcome To Terry Lively's Cosmetic Tattoo Supply

We're proud to carry the industry's  best permanent makeup supplies including  Permablend Pigments, Spektra Xion machines, topical anesthetics, needles, and everything you need ! Browse our site by clicking on the "Shop Now" link at the top of the page. 

Terry Lively

 I am a working artist just like you. I've been tattooing for over 20 years, and still see clients four days a week. I think it's important for a supplier to have their "feet in the trenches"  to truly understand what an artist needs as far as quality supplies and customer support. The knowledge I've gained over my 20 year career in pmu is here for your taking. 

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Anita Abramo

"The XionS is a true game changer in our industry. It's extremely smooth and easy to maneuver. Once you have one you'll never look back."

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Tina Davies

“Terry Lively is a wealth of knowledge and experience and cares deeply about the art of PMU and her customers. She can always be found helping her customers and other artists and that's  what makes her such a fantastic source of information. “

Shanan Zickefoose

"ReelSkin has been a great asset for my students. There is no other teaching tool as good as this. Thanks Terry for providing the best products and expeditious service."

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Amie Connors

On Tina Davies I Love Ink: "When tattooed into the skin with skill and precision, Tina Davies specially formulated I Love Ink colors are a dream come true and what we have all been waiting for."

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Kaitlynd "Kat" Jones

"When looking for the best results for my clients, I always turn to Tina Davies I Love Ink. From fresh to healed, it is really the gift that keeps on giving"

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Joelle Correia

"Perma Blend has been a game changer for my career. I absolutely love seeing my healed results come back with full confidence knowing I can trust the pigment I am using. Perma Blend IS 100% a game changer."

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